NanoBeam nB5

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The nB4 is a generation ahead of the current competition and with its field-proven performance has gained acceptance in the market place. It has excellent stability and has demonstrated an average uptime of greater than 93%. NanoBeam now introduces the nB5 which has been developed to further reduce delivery times and service costs.

development aims:

  • Refine design and components to reduce routine service requirements.
  • Achieve a machine-fault-downtime of less than 5% annually.
  • Enhance performance
  • Facilitate volume production.


  • Beam Voltage range 20kV - 100kV
  • Feature size on resist <8nm
  • Stitching/overlay error <25nm for 500um field
  • Automatic loading 5 chuck airlock system

The nB5 system will provide a platform for further development to high deflection speed and further integrated electronics.